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About Me

I do everything big…smile, laugh, and love.

Some fun facts about me:

🏆 Award Winning Nap Taker
🍹 Margarita Inspector
🥓 Bacon Aficionado
💃🏼 Latin Dancer 
👩🏻‍🌾 Southern Girl
🎼 Spotify Addict
📚 Nerd (pursuing my Master’s of Psychology)

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Train Wrecks, Dumpster Fires & Shit Shows

My Misadventures on Dating Apps

by Anna Kennedy

“There I was. It was about 11:00 pm, after a horrible night of dinner and drinks on a first date, and I was desperately trying to get out of an apartment…”

So starts Anna Kennedy’s collection of stories about dates gone way off the rails. Train Wrecks, Dumpster Fires, & Shit Shows is a funny, honest, and sometimes troubling personal account of a forty-something woman’s search for lasting love and lifelong companionship in all the wrong places.

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